Personal genomics from Knome and Seqwright

Personal genomics company Knome announced that it plans to collaborate with custom genomic and molecular biology services provider SeqWright to offer its personal genome sequencing and analysis service through SeqWright's CLIA-certified laboratory.
Houston-based SeqWright has Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments certification and is licensed to process clinical samples in most states, including California.

Under the agreement, SeqWright plans to process and sequence customer samples using Applied Biosystems' SOLiD and Roche 454 sequencing platforms, while Knome will analyze and interpret the genetic data.

Cambridge, Mass.-based Knome currently has two sequencing and analysis options for its customers. The first KnomeSELECT includes exome sequencing and customized analysis. KnomeCOMPLETE, meanwhile, involves whole genome sequencing and analysis, including trait and disease associations.

In a statement issued yesterday, Knome CEO Jorge Conde said that the US regulatory landscape is changing quickly. "The ability to offer our services in partnership with a CLIA-certified laboratory represents another step forward in the industry," he said.

Knome also has been collaborating with the Beijing Genomics Institute, which uses Illumina sequencing platforms. Illumina announced yesterday that it is collaborating with several consumer genomics companies, including Knome, to offer whole genome sequencing services to consumers. via Genomeweb.

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