Boy With 5 Chambered Heart

The doctors of the cardiological center in the Kemerovo region were shocked when they made ultrasonic examination and saw the heart of a newborn baby Vanya Maryin. He was born with a 5-chamber heart. Only bees have such heart constitution. Funny enough the ‘bee-boy’, as doctors called him, comes from the beekeeper’s family. The family remembers a wonderful inherited bee yard that Vanya’s grandfather held, and his wife that ran the ‘bee-business’ after his death. Her bees produced the best honey in the district. Vanya was born not with 2 atriums like all the people on the Earth, but with an additional - third one. He could die anytime from a sudden push, fright or even happiness. But the body, adjusting to an unusual 5-chamber ‘bee-heart’, suggested the boy a saving, optimal ‘pose for life’.

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‘The boy’s heart had 5 chambers instead of 4. Usually the heart consists of the right atrium and the right ventricle, the left atrium and the left ventricle. Vanya had 2 left atriums with a thin, like polyethylene, but firm and impenetrable interseptum. This interseptum was noticed only during the cardiogram. At first nobody believed. Blood from upper left atrium couldn’t get directly to an additional left atrium and then to left ventricle. But Heavens gave the boy a chance. This heart, as it turned out, first pumped blood to upper left atrium, then –in a fantastic way - through the hole to right atrium. Then blood got to left ventricle and finally to aorta.Surgeon Andrei Nokhrin, after 6hr operation, tied up the holes and removed the interseptum, making one atrium out of 2. And the blond ‘bee-boy’ became an ordinary child. Could this be a gene transfer from bees to the humans? Hmnn, need to think again.

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