Pathway genomics joins the list of personal genetics

Once again, a new DTC (Direct To Consumer) company for personal genetics, Pathway Genomics joined the list of the big companies that are after our genes, in a educational way, if not commercial, as it is said by some big scientists. Comaring to the already existing 23andme and Navigenics, Pathway genomics charge its customers $249 for health test. In addition to this, it will also does genotyping for some risk factors such as markers for over 90 diseases, drug responses. The company is also offering ancestry test for $199 however individuals can get the combo for $348. Pathway Genomics promises affordable tests that can be availed by all people. I hope that is really true and help people by providing cheaper tests. On the contrary, people might get freaked out by knowing their risks which Pathway Genomics promises to help through its counseling service. Well, goodluck Pathway Genomics.

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