Baby faced boss can rescue firm says a new study

When a company's in trouble, it could be the CEO's face shape, and not their expertise, that wins over the public, according to an international study that found that baby-faces were more trusted. Researchers from Hong Kong and New York found that when a company is facing some kind of crisis, with photos of the chief executive officer in newspapers or on TV around the world, the shape of their face evoked judgments about the person and the situation. Bosses with baby-faces - large eyes, small nose, high forehead, and small chin - were perceived as more honest and less likely to intentionally deceive people, while mature faces were preferred if there had been a lack of vigilance. "A company can control what face is put on the crisis, and research suggests that the face shape of this person is not a trivial consideration," the researchers wrote in a study to be published by the US-based Journal of Consumer Research. via Times of India.

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