Fighting tent caterpillars

It's a problem Central New Yorkers are all too familiar with...tent caterpillars. So far there's been no complaints about the pesky insects in Onondaga County but they are starting to pop up in Oneida County. Fran Lawlor with Cornell Cooperative Extension says right now they're hatching and growing. But that does not mean you should start spraying your trees with pesticides. "If you know you have an infestation the best time to control it is right now. But you want to know that you have one cause these are poisons. Even then you want to be careful that you're not using it if you don't have a problem," said Lawlor. If you have to spray you should never spray the entire tree because it could hurt insects like honey bees. Lawlor also says never burn them out because it could cause more harm than good. via 570WSYR.

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