Are you the planet's greenest person?

The race is on for the greenest person on Earth. You might think you're green for biking to work, using halogen light bulbs and recycling household plastic, but a global competition will test your true dedication to helping to save the planet. Simon Fraser University assistant professor Boyd Cohen has launched a global competition to find average folk expending exceptional efforts to be green. Cohen believes the contest on his website,, is the first of its kind. "There are rankings for everything from what cities are the greenest, what buildings are the greenest, what companies are the greenest, but nobody's ever done it for what people are the greenest," the 37-year-old professor of sustainable entrepreneurship said yesterday. Just days after the entry form was put on the site, 15 people from the U.S., Canada, Malaysia, England and Venezuela have already applied for the honour. The first stage, which is open for three months, involves taking a multiple-choice survey and submitting a short essay. The finalists from each country will then be asked to post a five-minute video, detailing their green lives, and visitors to will determine the overall winner by online voting. The winner will have a pod of beluga whales adopted in their honour through the Washington, D.C., group Defenders of Wildlife.

The competition was launched to coincide with Earth Day, which is celebrated tomorrow. "My thinking is this Earth Day is a time for reflection and recognition that incremental change from people is nice, but it's not sufficient to actually get us to where we need to go to right the ship," said Cohen. "There's a range of things in people's lifestyles, from how they travel, to what they eat, to what they buy, to where they live. All those things have substantial impacts on the environment." Cohen hopes several thousand will enter. "I have a four-year-old son and I am truthfully not 100-per-cent sure he's going to have a planet to live on if we don't right the ship," said Cohen. via and Alexi Francis (picture).

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