Craig Venter and ExxonMobil join hands in biofuel venture

In these days we all know that regular gas is no more a cheaper ingredient in our lives. Not just the price of the gas in terms of per gallon, but the cost we cannot pay in terms of global warming and melting ice caps. Almost all of the Universities around the world are concentrating on how to make cheaper biofuel. I know that most of the post docs from my circle are working in biofuel related research. There are many alternatives in coming up with good quality biofuel, but petroleum giant Exxonmobil has decided to go with algea. This is the first time that such a big company is investing in biofuels.

Why is that I am writing about it here? Obviously biofuel is my interest, but this is not the right place to talk about it. The reason for mentioning about it here is due to involvement of one of the biggest institutes in human genomics research, The Craig Venter's company, Synthetic Genomics (SGI), is helping ExxonMobil in developing algae based biofuels. In this $600 million contract,SGI
will develop fuels for cars and planes without a need for engine modifications. The scientific team will be testing different cocktails as they are developed at the new facility that will be built in San Diego that includes ponds and bioreactors for the algae to grow. We will be seeing more companies of this type that will follow the suit of biofuels in the coming future.

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