Are you shy on first date, not any more with love harmone

Are you a little shaky about your first date? Just spray away your shyness with love hormone and win your girl. Swiss researchers are developing a nasal spray, that contains oxytocin -- a love chemical naturally produced in the brain, a product which they claim could help banish excessive shyness in people. Nicknamed the 'cuddle chemical' or the 'love hormone', oxytocin plays a crucial role in social relations and maternal bonding, and is also released in sex. Inhaling the hormone lowers activity in the amygdala, a region linked with fear and danger, lead researcher Thomas Baumgartner of Zurich University has reported in the latest edition of the 'Neuron' journal.

Trials of the nasal spray are under way on 120 patients to help treat the pathological shyness. Sufferers usually receive therapy of some kind and the trial aims to see if oxytocin can speed up the process. Results are expected later this year. Earlier studies by the Swiss team showed that a nasal spray makes people more trusting, in specially designed games. For the new study, two games were played by 49 participants as they were being scanned during two games. Times of India.

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