Oil-exporting countries commiting suicide?

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Venezuela and all other oil exporting countries - you are committing suicide and can't realize the facts. They have a stuff more valuable than gold. And what do they? Give it away in a few years for nothing. Afterwards they will have a desert and useless money and shares, most probably of zero value by then. And so they can do nothing but starve. Today, they can't see the end of the story, because intellect is needed to recognize the complex matter. During this lost time of reflection, the whole world poisons the future of all generations to come and shouts: "The oil exporting States are crooks. They sell their stuff far too expensive. And the speculators in stock exchanges with futures are even higher gangsters." Let's be clear. The Gangsters are USA, Europe, Japan and China. They lie to the exporters of rest resources of any kind. Who can guarantee that we still have gold coming out of wells in 20 to 50 years? Scientists were wrong in all respects, in any matter concerning our future - why being right this time here? The speculators with banks, rating offices, accounting firms and hedge funds are criminals. We know by now, with tumbling financial systems going down the drain, worldwide. But with respect to oil and gas, their criminal deed is a gift of God. They make clear that oil and gas are below real value by the factor of 100 in view of time and future prospects - and so they add not 25 percent to higher prices today. They are angels, they tell to all bright ecologists: "We are on your side, friends".

And here are some of the cheated Oil Exporters:
Iraq: Shame on USA. They wanted to have the profits for themselves - that's the real reason for the fight against Saddam Hussein, otherwise they would have eliminated himself, instead of making war with trillions of damages, against the whole folks. And now, the turnover income of Iraqi Oil goes still not in the pockets of the folks of Iraq, although they were shattered and need the cash very heavily, to build up the country anew. Venezuela: They escaped the terror of CIA as established in Chile of Pinochet, Argentina of the Junta and 10 other lands, finally, and could now be able to built up a healthy society - but they will not succeed with such low prices of oil, still valid today. Iran: Israel has atom power, Iran not. USA has and will kill one day the rest of world, wanting to put hand on rest of oil and gas and other resources for U.S. needs alone. Therefore, Iran should at least get the real price, in the year 2008, for paying right for their sole treasures they possess under their grounds.

Saudi Arabia: This land is already a desert and without oil, it will re-become a desert, and nothing else. Seldom a land had so little chances for its future, coming out of Middle Ages and going there again. The only time of luck was when exporting oil and investing the profits in junk. Water and Shares vanishing, with fast increasing stock exchanges and geo-sphere heated up. Saudis, wake up! Nigeria: This land is a symbol for whole Africa. Got oil, the dictators and their surroundings took the money and ran to the Swiss Banks, where it will be rotten. And the rest of folks of black people are still slaves and can go to hell. This is "development" in the sense of IMF in Africa, not more. Russia: All Oligarchs get the profits, the folks of Ex-Soviet-Union nothing. This is a crime of Putin and Medvedev. Let's hang them to a post. And the Russian oil and gas will soon get to the end. And, during this lapse of time, Europe will only have been accustomed to a life style that was deadly since 1975. What shall the folks of Russia do afterwards - without oil and gas? Have no time to extend further on this chapter. Will do it after my holidays, friends. In the meantime, think of my arguments, and reflect on the subject - all other oil and gas exporters in this world as well.

And one day, you will weak up from a lengthy dream of false promises and cool lies, of Kissinger, Bush, Greenspan, Bernanke, WEF, UNO, Worldbank, IMF and other crooks, taking the whole world for stupids (no wrong assumption) - and themselves for geniuses. via Dailymail.

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